Blowing away other peoples stress

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Stress can cause us all sorts of issues both physically and psychologically. Sometimes it isn’t even our stress! If when we go out and meet others and they start telling us about their stressful experiences we have to not let that stress into our system. We must not absorb other peoples stress.

Easier said than done i hear you say, especially if the stress belongs to your husband, wife, partner, child or friend. Letting other peoples stress into your heart only causes more stress and this stress is then passed on from one person to another like a virus or the flu. Feeling someone else’s stress isn’t going to help you to help them. Continued>>



How do we protect ourselves from other peoples stress? We can detach ourselves emotionally from other peoples stuff and deflect it even though they’re your friend or family. This can take some practise. I cover my tummy and close my eyes. Children’s stress is particularly easy to absorb. Especially if they need hugs owing to a particularly stressful experience they’re going through. But not owning it but helping them and supporting them through it without it affecting you is challenging.

Sometimes we don’t manage to deflect it, letting other peoples stress in to our body, mind, soul, spirit and this can have an adverse effect on our health. BUT when we do take it on board we can get rid of it straight away by using deep breathing and visualisation techniques, like for example visualising,.. if you imagine you can see the person in your mind that has ‘given’ or projected the stress on to you and you have absorbed this stress like a ‘virus’ can simply blow it away with your out breathe. So using a very large gulp of air ..breathe in expanding your lungs wide.. and then blow out this stress with the OUT breath. Focus hard though with your mind, where in your mind or body has this other persons stress landed?

Lets do this for a few minutes.. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on every bit of stress in your body and/or mind and when you see it.. blow it away. You can teach your children, friend, partner, spouse to do the same thing.

We might need to spend regular moments through the day focusing on doing just this when we work in a busy environment.  We might be constantly blowing out through our mouths for some time while experiences are relived.  Then you can then ask the wind, the rain or the snow, your angel or your spirit guide, whatever you can connect best with to take that negative stress away into the sky!

Bach Flower Remedies are very useful for alleviating this habit of absorbing others stress, that can sometimes make us angry, sad or frightened. Getting rid of the stress is good but changing the way we take it on board in the first place and countering it in the future is also important thing to do. You could try Red Chestnut, Walnut or Vervain Bach flower Remedies to help you change your behaviour but don’t use them instead of seeking medical advice if you are ill.

A Gemstone that i use to help shield me from negative influences in this world is Labradorite.



It’s an amazing transforming stone one to keep in your top pocket or your bra!

What other ways are there? Please leave a comment..

Lewis Hamilton manifests his dream

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Hamilton wins On Sunday 22nd July 2018 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. Lewis started the race 14th on the Grid. You could say his perseverance paid off to create a miracle. If you listen to the after race interview Lewis admits he made big big prayers to God beforehand and then later in the interview he not only thanks God but he said he had helped him MANIFEST HIS DREAM.

Dreams and Desires

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IMG_3455I popped up to the Cave Shop, just, to get some dream catchers! So often I hear people say that they don’t remember their dreams, some even say that they don’t dream! Of course everyone dreams, I dream doesn’t matter what age, gender, health condition you can have your dreams and your desires.

You often find what your heart desires from accessing your dreams.

Do dream catchers work though? I don’t really know the answer to this question but if you haven’t got one hanging in your window you will never find out. I know my life has changed since I bought mine over a year ago and hung it in the bedroom window from the curtain rail.

My dreams are so big now and they’re all linked to my hearts desire. I didn’t know what my heart desired until earlier this year, after working on me, myself and my higher self and what i love and thrive on. Oracle cards are quite good until they keep throwing the Hearts Desire card at you!

In February 2018 I was finally able to make a long list of things my heart desires. Ironically, music and singing were at the very bottom of my list! Incidentally, it doesn’t matter how bad you are (in your mind) at doing your hearts desire, its the love you create in your heart when you do it that matters.

Doing what your heart desires is not only exceptionally important to you but also our planet and the other people living on it. If you’re doing what you love then each time you do this thing love emanates from your heart to all the people around you and is absorbed by the earth you walk on, just as negative vibrations are. These vibrations then resonate through the earth and other people are able to soak them up into their hearts and raise their vibration and maintain their vibration more easily. When we walk about with high vibes we feel absolutely fantastic. After a period of time doing this we heal naturally.

To sum up, doing something your heart desires, and therefore you thrive on, all day everyday as a job is the most healthy and important thing in todays world. So take action now and reap the rewards.