Managing Love

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How do you manage your love? Do you need to manage love or does it just flow into you and from you to everyone you meet? Heart always open and feeling..well love and all the other wonderful things that go with the feeling of love.

This leads me to the question do you ever get angry with someone, anyone?It’s pure wild instinct isn’t it this love/anger thing. If someone starts to irritate and you and you feel your anger bubbling up inside what do you do? Do you project it at the nearest dog, person or tree because it’s a natural response then thats ok or is it?

Well no it isn’t ok to ever project your anger at anyone. Except if that person is trying to kill or rape you or is attacking you with bullying tactics. Then it’s ok to get angry and protect yourself. Fight back and defend yourself from another person. If anger is allowed to escalate regularly then behaviour becomes more regularly questionable and affects theirs and your energy levels. Anger causes soul pain and hurt in both the recipient of the anger and the person who is feeling angry. It’s vibration resonates in to the heart and soul of the earth and the universe around the earth. Fighting back causes even more pain and this point its easier and healthier to walk away and stay away. Protect yourself and the planet from pain, hurt and destruction with your aura and love.

Things you can do…

Check your feelings when you’re around this person, it’s never ok for them to project their anger on to you. Be prepared for those to get angry with you though if YOUR behaviour is aggressive. Try explaining to them in a assertive way that anger is never ok. It’s their anger issues that they need to manage not yours or you. Definitely never take it personally when someone gets angry with you unless of course you’re getting angry with them first. You can see quite easily how wars break out can’t you if one person responds negatively to another persons anger..

The more authentic you are to yourself the more you understand what anger is and what it does to you and others. If you suffer from surges of anger its often because you’ve allowed others to exploit your good will. You haven’t found the courage to say no to them. NO is a very important word in the English Dictionary and all the other language dictionaries too ! My husband describes it well when he says “you built a rod for your back” ie you’ve created a situation where you always feel needed/important.

If your anger or frustration at a situation builds up over a period of time it can soon become explosive.. and end up being projected over something really small. If you find yourself being impatient with others then calming yourself down is essential. This is where meditation comes in..teaching yourself to calm down in a quiet place.

Freedom Lotus brings you Compassion and Mercy – Quan Yin copyright reserved 2019

This is the Freedom Lotus it connects you to Quan Yin’s Compassion and Mercy. This is a great tool if you get angry with yourself too, but we will talk about that in another blog.

If you print the picture of the Freedom Lotus, stare at it, hold it to your heart when you feel the anger or rage rising inside you it assists you to calm down and brings feelings of compassion and mercy for yourself and others in any situation. THIS PICTURE WILL CALM YOU DOWN ! Don’t believe me? Give a try next time you feel frustrated and anger starting to rise up inside. The key is to recognise the signs in yourself as well as others. Of course and if you feel compassion and mercy for others as they get angry then you won’t strike back…not unless your life depends on it.

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So learning to value yourself is like learning to love saying no. It stops others from exploiting your gifts and allows you to feel free, happy, loved and valued inside. It brings a good sense of self esteem. It takes courage and truth… where do you get yours? That’s the next blog! Please comment and let me know what you think, do you ever get angry? Please share this blog ..thanks for reading, have a super day.

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