Manifesting abundance to transmute fear

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Abundance? What does that mean exactly?

Plenty..plenty of…? Growth, prosperity, love, name it it can be yours if you focus your mind on it for long enough! Think about it day and night, dream about it.

So what is your it? What would you like abundance of? Flowers, birds, art, education, money, cars…what does the planet need…peace, happiness, laughter, joy, nature.

IMG_3662We’re having an abundance of growth this year thanks to the hot summer and now the rain. This is a rhododendron in flower during August! We have also had an abundance of these…


Dry lines on a football pitch and fields too. I wonder why the cracks come particularly deep and wide where the lines have been drawn.

What have you had in abundance this Summer?

If you don’t know what you want in abundance how do you find out. Well I meditate and I ask my heart what i love the most heres my list of things to think about which will manifest an abundance:-

Music – I’m learning to play the piano, I practise everyday for at least 10 minutes, it makes me smile.

Singing – I listen to and sing lyrics of my favourite music all day everyday.

Percussion instruments – when i was in infants school the only thing i remember enjoying was playing the Triangle and the tambourine. My parents bought me a child’s toy record player when i was 4 years best present..except for my red bike. This Summer I’ve focused on buying percussion instruments, listening to them all day everyday. Now i have an abundance of them and music around me.

I would like a new car, I’m manifesting a Triumph Stag and a Mustang!!

To connect with these things sometimes we need to draw, write about, talk about or visualise  them, whatever comes easy for you…thinking alone might not be enough.Its all about thinking, doing, believing.

Why will this help me transmute fear I hear you say..well if we think, focus and do things that make us feel love then that will transmute any fear we might have stored away somewhere in our minds, body or soul.

Key to happy life is manifesting by focusing on those things that you know make you happy even if they frighten you in some way. I’d love to hear about them.

What have you had an abundance of this Summer?



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