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Why is manifesting courage so important?

Here I’ve made a couple of list, the first list is things I’m afraid of, we can fear anything we choose to fear, the second is a list of the opposite things. Things we can manifest to balance out the things we fear most. You could print out or copy this list or better still make your own list..BE BRAVE! Then number your top ten fears then look at what will offset them in the second list.

Hate                                          Love

Rigidness                                 Grace

Anger                                       Content

Death                                        Life

Bad                                           Good

Lack                                         Abundance

Persecution                             Peace

Sadness                                    Happiness

Fear                                           Courage

Pain                                           Pleasure

Revenge                                    Forgiveness

Jealousy                                    Admiration

Rejection                                  Acceptance

Conflict                                     Agreement

Negative                                   Positive

Evil                                            Virtuous

Without feeling the one of the left we can’t feel the opposite one on the right. A balance between these things can be struck by manifesting the opposite or we can live in extremes and bob from one to the other, which in my experience causes illness. Striking a balance is our aim.

Ways of Manifesting

Draw, write about or visualise that thing or an object that you associate with that thing. If you’re struggling to reach an agreement for example and you are in conflict then you could draw a handshake or write about someone shaking hands or visualise yourself shaking hands with the person you’re in conflict with. What works for you?

Its important to recognise that we cannot control any of these things. What happens if we try? Well we repress them into ourselves, into our soul, into our mind into our body. So for example repressing hate creates pain, then we repress love because without feeling hate we can’t feel love either. This is a law of nature.. If i know that I’m most afraid of persecution for instance I may need to draw that, an icon that represents persecution and then draw an object that I associate with peace to balance it. The second part is obviously an essential part of the process.

If we repress love and happiness, which some of us do, because these feelings sometimes  make us feel afraid and vulnerable, we sometimes turn our life into the first list because we feel most comfortable the we’re in pain. So be brave and choose love. Love burns off fear and all negative things because it boosts our energy level or aura if you prefer. The brighter our aura shines the more negativity we burn off.

The key is to allow ..have the courage to allow everything…whatever your mind chooses to label good or bad, it doesn’t matter just allow yourself to feel all things. These things are LIFE we cannot control life. Yes we can plan and we can change the way we respond to life but life it self just happens.




The key is finding out what helps us raise our vibration naturally this helps us control our ego, one thing in life we can control, and being brave enough to pursue it. Good luck.

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