Dreams and Desires

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IMG_3455I popped up to the Cave Shop, just, to get some dream catchers! So often I hear people say that they don’t remember their dreams, some even say that they don’t dream! Of course everyone dreams, I dream big..it doesn’t matter what age, gender, health condition you can have your dreams and your desires.

You often find what your heart desires from accessing your dreams.

Do dream catchers work though? I don’t really know the answer to this question but if you haven’t got one hanging in your window you will never find out. I know my life has changed since I bought mine over a year ago and hung it in the bedroom window from the curtain rail.

My dreams are so big now and they’re all linked to my hearts desire. I didn’t know what my heart desired until earlier this year, after working on me, myself and my higher self and what i love and thrive on. Oracle cards are quite good until they keep throwing the Hearts Desire card at you!

In February 2018 I was finally able to make a long list of things my heart desires. Ironically, music and singing were at the very bottom of my list! Incidentally, it doesn’t matter how bad you are (in your mind) at doing your hearts desire, its the love you create in your heart when you do it that matters.

Doing what your heart desires is not only exceptionally important to you but also our planet and the other people living on it. If you’re doing what you love then each time you do this thing love emanates from your heart to all the people around you and is absorbed by the earth you walk on, just as negative vibrations are. These vibrations then resonate through the earth and other people are able to soak them up into their hearts and raise their vibration and maintain their vibration more easily. When we walk about with high vibes we feel absolutely fantastic. After a period of time doing this we heal naturally.

To sum up, doing something your heart desires, and therefore you thrive on, all day everyday as a job is the most healthy and important thing in todays world. So take action now and reap the rewards.

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