“While in this beautiful sacred space you will hear sounds relating to each chakra and meridian, which vibrate into each of the shifting frequencies to a much higher vibration, ascending you closer to the pure light of blissful inner peace. Feeling a deep inner sense of being absolutely satisfied, nurtured, loved and joyfully happy.” Felicia Banks


My aim is to help clients relax, and to feel a deep sense of inner peace and bliss.  Overcoming fear and other obstacles through meditation and to help them to love and accept themselves unconditionally. The transformation is usually very visible afterwards.

I use sounds from a collection of 11 Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls, sacred drum and my voice to recalibrate mind, body and soul by bringing together, balancing and blending our masculine and feminine (yin/yang) energies helping the client with their divine breath and connecting to their I AM PRESENCE.

The singing bowl collection includes Rose Quartz, Yagna and Palladium, Laughing Buddha, Ocean Gold (Dolphin) Peridot and palladium, and Turquoise. Most of the collection are Crystal Tones singing bowls.


I hold sessions on a 1:1 at my sound studio or on a group basis at a place i’m invited to perform at. I perform at charity functions, WI meetings, MBS Fairs etc or wherever your group meets. I’m available for bookings.


Each singing bowl corresponds to the six elements of healing system: Fire = heart, Earth= Stomach, Metal = Lungs, Water = Kidney, Wood = Liver = Wood and air = Mind. A cycle of fire nurtures earth, earth nurtures metal, metal nurtures water, water nurtures wood, wood nurtures air and air nurtures fire. 

I play each of the bowls in turn as I speak, sing or chant. This can last from anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending. After I’ve finished playing I will leave the client to sleep or rest a while as the vibration can last for sometime after the sound session.  Leaving the client refreshed and rebalanced ready to commence living 21stcentury life.

I also use Flower Essences that help clients to maintain their new higher vibration after they leave a sound session. You can take the essence for the days after the session to continue creating balance. Of course these are optional and if at any point during the sound session you wish to stop you can do.

I also use images of lotus flowers to help clients to connect with the sounds and energy coming from the bowls. Both images and CDs of the Crystal Singing bowls are available to purchase.